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April 2016


Crunchy Cayenne Chicken Strips

Crunchy and spicy on the outside but tender and delicious on the inside… Happy Sunday everyone! I am so relieved that the sun is out and that summer is just around the corner. I cannot tell you how stressful shooting in the winter months has been. Between limited hours of sunlight and working a full time job I have had to squash all my testing, cooking, shooting and blogging all on the weekend. But now thanks to the longer days…

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Cakes Sweet Treats

Chocolate Cinnamon and Banana Muffins

Because…Chocolate + Banana + Cinnamon + More Chocolate = Heavenly Foodie Goodness   I love it when I have really ripe banana’s left over because it gives me an excuse to make tasty treats, and todays recipe totally counts towards our five a day – err right guys? Sometimes when baking I get a little over the top with cinnamon but todays recipe was no happy accident I assure you. Cinnamon + banana’s + chocolate + even more chocolate =…

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Soft Bake Chocolate Orange Cookies

Hard on the outside, but soft, light and fluffy on the inside… Me and cookies have a very strange relationship as when I first started baking a few years back I remember my first “baking disaster”. You never really forget when things go horribly wrong in the kitchen, but lets just say I have thrown away many cookie recipe disasters. It took me a while (years actually) before I felt the courage to attempt another cookie recipe. Knowing this you…

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Brownies & Bars

Strawberry and Banana Chocolate Bars

Are you a cakey or gooey fan? Or should I say bar? Thanks to the lack of sunlight left (i shot these on a very late evening) I had to quickly shoot my strawberry and banana chocolate bar straight from the oven – meaning very little time to cool. Not to mention the main reason behind it being a bar rather than many smaller bars. I always love experimenting with banana when baking but thought I would take it one step…

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Sweet Treats

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Move over SNOG the fruit bowl smoothie has arrived!    Happy weekend all! Can I just say it’s great to see the sun is out and that spring has finally arrived! Let’s be honest it was beginning to feel like winter was here to stay forever. I cannot tell you how excited I am about being able to go outside in a jacket..dare I say even without a jacket? But now the weather has improved I do feel somewhat more…

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