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  • Cakes

    Very Berry Chocolate Cake

    Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer. I should apologise for the lack of blog posts these past two months. I decided to take a little break from…

  • Sweet Treats

    Baked Cinnamon Glazed Donuts

    soft and fluffy on the inside, coated in a delicious glaze After ordering a donut baking tray earlier this week (see link if you would also like to buy one) I could not…

  • Starters

    Crunchy Cayenne Chicken Strips

    Crunchy and spicy on the outside but tender and delicious on the inside… Happy Sunday everyone! I am so relieved that the sun is out and that summer is just around…

  • Cookies

    Soft Bake Chocolate Orange Cookies

    Hard on the outside, but soft, light and fluffy on the inside… Me and cookies have a very strange relationship as when I first started baking a few years back I…

  • Sweet Treats

    Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

    Move over SNOG the fruit bowl smoothie has arrived!    Happy weekend all! Can I just say it’s great to see the sun is out and that spring has finally arrived!…

  • Bread

    Spiced Bun Recipe

    With the Easter holidays just around the corner I felt compelled to make something that fit in with the festivities. What come to my mind when I think of Easter in…

  • Cakes

    Easy Chocolate Orange Cake

    Happy Sunday guys! Todays recipe is perfect for anyone in need of inspiration for a last minute Mother’s Day Treat. I made this lovely rich super easy chocolate orange cake for…